Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness

Make the right decisions, before, during, and after a cyber attack

#1 Security Awareness Training Platform - KnowBe4

Top IT research companies such as the Gartner Research Group has consistently ranked KnowBe4 as the leader in Security Awareness Training, for the past 3 years.

Online EndUser Training

The world's largest library of well over 1000+ security awareness training content items; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. You also get frequent, new fresh content, and support for 21 different languages.

Phishing Training Exercises

Phishing test emails are used to supplement and reinforce training received in the KnowBe4 training modules by giving your users real world “practice” in recognizing social engineering attacks and responding to them appropriately. These tests also provide the ability to measure the vulnerability level of your network, by giving you an indication of how many people are susceptible to an email-born social engineering attack.

Flexible Customer Support

We provide two flexible options to ensure your success.

Managed Service Provider

We manage the planning, delivery, and reporting of your security awareness training. The training program is tailored to your industry risks, and the unique needs of your company.

Product Reseller

You receive tools and access to your own security awareness training account on KnowBe4, to allow your staff to effectively manage the delivery of training.

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